Canabas and pool houses

Cabanas & Pool Houses

Outdoor living spaces extend a home outdoors for entertaining guests or relaxing with the family and when renovating or constructing a new residence, adding a pool house or cabana creates a place to relax and take in coastal views. Homeowners can add beauty and functionality with a unique cabana or pool house.

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Pool House and Cabana Ideas

A pool house is considered a full structure with four walls and a roof. They can double as a guest house or as a secondary structure where homeowners can get ready for an afternoon by the pool. Depending on the aesthetic desired, pool houses can have two stories, multiple rooms, a TV, fireplace, and other amenities.

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Cabanas have two to three walls, with the fourth side open to the pool or garden. Some cabanas use canvas fabric treatments as floor to ceiling curtains that act as walls that owners can open to let in a tropical breeze or the sun’s rays.

Two Story Pool Houses

Two-story pool houses allow for architectural features such as balconies and create a more permanent impact than single-story pool houses. Floor-to-ceiling picture windows let in the view but not the chilly evening air to keep guests cozy as the party continues into the night.

A Cabana as an Open Air Escape

Mimicking the architectural style of a home when constructing a cabana can create a natural-looking haven that gives the appearance of serene permanence. Simultaneously, bifold doors and picture windows can open one or more cabana walls to welcome coastal breezes during a weekend getaway in the backyard. Add lounge chairs and chaises on the side-wall open to the pool to create a cohesive flow from the indoors to the outdoors.

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A Shady Dinner Retreat

For properties with wooded backyards, pool houses made with natural materials blend a pool house into the scenery and connect the main house with the outdoor living space. An open-concept structure gives guests the most possibilities to enter the pool house for refreshments without losing view of the pool or the day’s events. Multilevel terraces, sliding glass doors, and wooden lounge furniture with design-inspired cushions offer comfortable seating. Using umbrellas or integrating pergolas creates shade when guests need a break from the sun.

A Pool House Made for Parties

A pool house detached from the main property serves as a separate structure. More than a spot to dry off or shower after a swim, elegant pool houses that match the modern or traditional residence style create a vacation vibe in the backyard.

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A pool house that spans the length of the pool creates an impressive facade. Framed with clear windows that let in tons of light, surrounded by inviting pool furniture, and exotic fire features, a pool house can make any home the neighborhood’s hotspot. Creating the ideal pool house or cabana should begin with understanding the required functionality and how the space will be used year-round. Homeowners may be surprised to find themselves spending more time outside than inside.

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