Poolside tropical drinks from a luxury home bar

Outdoor Bar: A Vegas Party In Your Backyard

After a year inside, we’re all excited for a return to (relative) normalcy. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last year, it’s that good times can be fleeting, and moments of fun are precious.

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You don’t have to travel to Vegas to bring the party to your house. Make your backyard the entertainment paradise you’ve always wanted it to be with an outdoor bar that your friends and family will love. Working with a contractor and making some smart design choices, you can make your backyard bar the envy of the neighborhood.

All the Amenities

A luxury outdoor home bar for guests to enjoy

Make your outdoor bar a center of fun and entertainment for all occasions, including lunches and dinners. Combine your bar with kitchen appliances and features like a built-in pizza oven, built-in gas grill, food prep sink, and mini-fridge for keeping food and drinks safely tucked away.

This deluxe bar and kitchen combo is best for homes with lots of outdoor space, and for homeowners who like having big parties. It’s best suited for people who also have a lot of time to dedicate toward maintaining their outdoor spaces or just have a lot of help that can keep that space clean.

Combine your deluxe bar with a large sitting area and lounging area. Remember, you’re going to need lots of room to accommodate all those people!

All-Weather Ready

We get a lot of rain here in Florida, and that can put a fast end to your parties if you don’t have some way of covering your space and protecting it from rainfall. Build your bar underneath a second-story deck or an overhang to protect your seating space and countertops from the rain and wind that might otherwise put an end to your parties.

Remember that the weather in Florida gets chilly in the winter, but built-in heaters can help keep your bar area warm for those Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Install a ceiling fan to keep the air moving on stifling hot summer days.

Sheltering your outdoor bar makes bartending more comfortable for you, by providing shade at the warmest times of the day. If your bar is set away from your house—too far to install an overhang—build in a covering to provide shelter. You’ll be glad you did.

Barrel Bar

Friends share drinks on a barrel bar

Do you secretly wish that you owned a microbrewery? At any given moment, do you stock at least four kinds of beer on draft in your home? Will your outdoor bar have at least two beer fridges? Sounds like you’re in a love affair with beer.

You can show off and reinforce your love of beer by using a barrel motif in the bar itself and in the stools where people sit. Use old barrels to support your bar, with little doors into those barrels to reveal storage on the inside.

Light Up Your Life

Do you want to use your outdoor bar at night as well as during the day? You’re going to need adequate outdoor lighting to make that happen. String cafe lights over your bar area to make the space attractive and functional at night. Chinese lanterns also add a festive look to your outdoor bar. For best results, work with an electrician to install lighting that is permanent and durable.

Fire It Up

A fire pit next to the pool in a luxury coastal home

Fire pits bring glorious lighting and heat to your outdoor bar, which makes them attractive and multi-purpose. Install a permanent fire pit in your bar or near your bar to make a more attractive and comfortable seating area for guests. Permanent fire pits need a gas line for continuous lighting, so work with your contractor to get this done.

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Landscape It

Landscaping provides the backdrop for your outdoor bar, creating the sensation that you and your guests have an escape to a paradise far, far from home. Work with a pro to choose the landscaping you’ll love. Here in Florida, lots of different plants can thrive in our outdoor spaces.

Tropical flora and fauna add color and low-maintenance luxury to your outdoor space, while native plants can help keep your landscaping sustainable. Whatever your preferences, work with a professional landscaper to make your vision a reality.

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Indoor/Outdoor Digs

Bring your inside outside and vice versa by installing a countertop window in the wall of your kitchen, then install your bar directly on the other side of the window. This makes it easy to pass food and dishes back and forth between your indoor kitchen and your outdoor bar. It’s convenient, and you’ll be glad for the easy access to your indoor space.

Convert That Shed

Shed conversions are popular right now. A shed conversion is a convenient way to create a covered bar where you can easily store glasses, liquor, and other supplies.

If you’re thinking about converting a shed into a bar space, take the time to evaluate the condition of the shed before making the conversion. If you’re thinking about buying a shed for the sake of converting it, work with your contractor to make sure you buy the right shed for your needs.

Some Tips

This is an important home improvement, so don’t skimp or skip steps. Keep these steps in mind as you’re planning and executing your backyard bar.

  • Plan for the future. Think about the parties you like to have – or would like to have – throughout the year. Plan for your year-round uses of the outdoor bar.
  • Hire the right contractor. It’s so important to hire a professional that shares your vision and can create the space that you’re looking for. Hire a contractor with good references, a good track record, and a strong portfolio.
  • Personalize your space. Once the outdoor bar has been created, personalize your space with decor that’s meaningful for you. You’ll feel more attached to your space, and you’ll enjoy your space more.

Get the Party Started

Your backyard bar will make your outdoor space the only place that you want to spend time. Make it happen! Get started with your backyard bar today.

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