3 Unique Functional Entryways

Not all entryways are the same. Some are grand and align with the front door, while others are functional and are attached to your garage. Guests may also use your backdoor as an access point to your patio and pool. No matter the entrance, all deserve attention to detail, along with functionality that makes coming and going as simple as possible.

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The Front Door Entrance

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Most guests will come through the front door with one, or many, of the following:

  • An umbrella
  • Damp coat
  • Shoes
  • Purse
  • Items for a party (champagne or food)

Ensuring there is a place for everything and guests do not have to walk through a home to find an ideal resting ground is imperative. Consider, outside the front door or directly inside the entryway, having a vessel to hold wet umbrellas. If rain is prevalent in the area, having an antique coat rack on a surface that can withstand dripping water will prevent wet jackets from making it into a home. If a residence has a “no shoes” rule, ensure there is a place to sit down to remove shows easily and a no-fuss location to store them. Purses can also take up much real estate, so consider utilizing something like a buffet table in the entrance or a long piece of furniture that people can rest their bags upon entering. Lastly, whether it be a crisp cold bottle of bubbles or a warm side dish for a party, ensure you have a surface in your entrance that can tolerate these extreme temperatures. A marble-topped table will allow guests to rest their items while they remove their jackets, take off their shoes, or put down their bags.

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The Garage Door Entrance

Garage Door Entrance

Although not the most glamorous of entrances, it is the one that is often most important. Depending on the household, the garage door entrance can serve multiple purposes.

  • Households with children: Create a functional space for children to neatly drop off their backpacks, sporting equipment, and anything else they tend to take to and from home. This space can also include a whiteboard or calendar to remind children of anything important or upcoming events. If kids are bringing in laundry from sporting practice, consider a hamper where they can immediately drop their dirty or wet clothes before making their way into their bedrooms. A cubby for shoes will also encourage children to remove muddy footwear before entering the home.
  • Households with pets: Keeping pet carriers, harnesses, and leashes utilized when transporting or taking them out for a walk within reach, is essential. Also, something to wipe off muddy paws will help keep pets from tracking messes into the home. 
  • General households: The golfer in the house may need a place to leave a spare pair of shoes after hitting the links. The individual that grocery shops may need a basket to place all their tote bags so they will remember to take them back to the car after unloading. Another way to ensure less mess is to place an outdoor mat inside of the garage to remove any mud or dirt before entering the door, then have a long runner inside the home entrance to dry off any dampness or leftover dirt that may remain on feet. Similar to the front entrance, a place for wet jackets or umbrellas is ideal for inclusion off a garage entry.

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The Backyard Entrance

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Residences designed for entertaining, need to keep in mind how the backyard and patio function. An outdoor kitchen may call for a small table inside for the chef to rest plates of food and utensils while they open the door to proceed outside. If the home has a pool, ensuring there are plenty of beach towels right outside the door will help prevent wet slippery floors. A rug inside will also help pool dwellers dry off their feet. Creative storage for a dog’s favorite outdoor toys could be kept either inside or out of the backyard entrance. Items such as bug spray and sunscreen should also be kept near the backdoor. If wet pool towels are not desired inside the home, consider having hooks outside so they can dry or a hamper so guests can throw them in before entering the house.

The functionality of a home entrance is unique to each house. By understanding how the residents spend their time and live their lives, an ideal entry, no matter the door, can simplify day-to-day living and make entertaining less stressful.

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