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3 Outdoor Fire Features for Waterfront Residences

The views from a waterfront home entice homeowners and their guests out into the backyard. In the evenings, gentle, coastal breezes roll off the ocean, cooling the warm air from the heat of the day, and create a pleasant spot for relaxing or entertaining.

Homes should take advantage of this unique time and create a comfortable backyard oasis. One way to highlight the views and architecture of a residence is by adding an outdoor fire feature. These features create an eye-catching moment that sheds a beautiful light across any property. Although fire features may not always need to add heat to a space, they still dazzle with their ever-changing beauty. Consider these fire feature ideas for your backyard.

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The Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits are chic, customizable, and fast becoming a favorite among modern outdoor fire features. Staring into the mesmerizing flames of a fire is a calming way to relax at the end of a long day. Building a custom outdoor fire pit is one way to extend the architecture of a home deeper into the backyard. By using similar materials and designs of the residence, a firepit can look like a natural extension outdoors. There are also retail fire pits that resemble garden sculptures or art that are sure to encourage people to gather. Fire pits can be long, narrow, and rectangular to act as a dividing wall or circular or square-shaped to encourage visitors to gather around and enjoy the view.

The Outdoor Fireplace

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What is the difference between a fire pit and a fireplace? A fire pit is open and showcases an open-air flame while a fireplace contains a firebox and chimney to enclose the flames and vent the smoke upward.

Due to their size, fireplaces can be elaborate and demand attention as a strong focal point. Like fire pits, inspiring fireplaces can take a nod from a residence’s architectural design and material use. This fire feature creates the ambiance of interior design, so by placing sofas in front or hanging a television above the mantle, a fireplace can mimic the indoors and make an outdoor space multi-functional.

Homeowners have options and can design wood-burning fireplaces or select gas fireplaces that can have a flame ready at the flip of a switch.

The Live-Fire Oven

A stylish outdoor pizza oven can be a conversation piece, a handsome addition to an outdoor haven, and bake delicious creations that will amaze guests. It is impossible to replicate the deliciousness of a pizza baked in a bona fide pizza oven.

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There are multiple options to pick from when selecting an outdoor oven from a rugged earthenware oven to a shiny, modern metal oven. Homeowners can opt to stick with traditional wood as a heat source or choose gas, pellets, charcoal (or pick an oven compatible with all fire sources). High-end pizza ovens can turn out multiple pizzas in just 90 seconds. Another positive of adding a live-fire oven outdoors is that chefs are not limited to making pizza, these also excel at preparing meats, veggies, bread, and desserts—a perfect crowd-pleaser.

Favorite Outdoor Fire Features

The great thing about each one of these fire features is that they are versatile and come in a variety of styles, allowing homeowners to select their outdoor fire features to fit their decor. Interested in elevating the look and functionality of your waterfront property? Explore our blog post on how to make the most of expansive views.

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